Let's get back to business, shall we?

"It was a vote about freedom, about morality, about US business interests overseas, but - above all - about the security of every family in the land. No, not Tuesday's US Presidential election. As every Investors Chronicle reader knows, this should make no difference to their livelihoods (see IC 15 Oct 2004, page 50). I refer, instead, to Monday's vote on the UK Gambling Bill." - This is the welcome change in reporting that I have been looking for in a while and came unexpectedly from one of the magazines that I fortunately have to keep track of at work. The article continues to blast the conservative Daily Mail for its populist and misleading campaign against punting. This introductory piece is delightfully entitled "Die-regulation".

On a completely different subject, I am going to Germany today in two weeks and am looking very much looking forward to it! Not only will I get my nicer suits and maybe a new one there, but I will also enjoy the delights of a real mid-night Doener Kebab (not the crap that they sell here in the UK), or rather a proper Berlin-style Currysausage and, most importantly, my traditional visit to the Blockhouse restaurant near Hoheluft for the perfect Steak-dinner on Saturday evening.