Great night out!

Today was a good day. I haven't been out for so long that I can't even remember when I have last been anywhere new. But today, although in the usual unplanned manner of mine, I had a grand time. Yesterday on Friday, I was informed that instead of sitting at home doing some reading or playing, I would be taking part in my friends' birthday party in Soho. Shortly afterwards, I was told that I was furthermore expected to come to a great Guy Fawkes Day fireworks display at Alexandra Palace. As the birthday party was supposed to move there anyhow, we went directly (after the usual Falco-delay) to Alexandra Palace and it was great!!! I had never been there before and this was my first Guy Fawkes Day actually out and about in London. The birthday party aparently got so drunk in Soho, that they did not make it there and when I got back into the city I was not able to get in touch with them. Or to be more exact, when calling the birthday-girl (at 9pm...) she was so inebriated that she could barely utter the words "car...home...drunk" before passing out on the phone. So in the end we spent some more time at the Virgin store and looking at the crowds, before slowly returning home.

In other news, fighting frogs have been sighted in Western Africa. Stand by. More seriously, this is really quite unbelievable! I thought that Ivory Coast was finally turning for the better and now the gov't plays this rought? In this international climate? Against the French? Are they MAD? Anyhow, read for yourself at: http://www.newsisfree.com/iclick/i,59877735,1469,f/ . Good night!