Another item on the "Rip-Off Britain" list: Mobiles

Having been a good high-usage monthly paying customer at Orange for over 4 years now, one would expect that the telecoms over here would do everything to keep me. But no, this is Britain. Instead of having to fear loosing my custom to other providers, they apparently know that I cannot get any new mobile contract in this country. Despite having no debt, never having had any debt and nothing that could be negative for my application, and trying about a hundred times at every possible outlet, my applications are ALWAYS declined. So in the end, I decided to upgrade on my existing and very expensive Orange contract (as I later found out, an upgrade is exactly like a new contact, but if I would just make a new contract I could get double minutes and a better phone for free... darn), handed in my old mobile for buy-back and that was that. Not quite, the new phone was faulty, they overcharged me and now, even four month after the upgrade, I still haven't seen any of that buy-back money on my phone bill (when calling repeatedly, I got the answer after three days that they had "forgotten" to put it towards my bill, even though it is on the contract!). No wonder people are leaving Britain in droves. I shall soon join them.

No cheers,