That's it.

This day I have finally decided, that I will not continue in "hell". I will not bore you with a rant about the many serious misgivings I have for taking this decision, but suffice to say that my idea of doing business differs vastly from certain government officials.

This means that I can look forward to the time after my exams in early December (JPLT and hopefully GMAT) for all the hope and hard work that goes into applying, which will be sweetened by the fact that I will go to Japan over New Year.

Originally, I had also planned to go to Korea, but now I do not feel that there is any reason for me to go, nor do I feel the slightest wish to do so anymore. Instead, I will fulfill my childhood dream of going to a snow-covered natural Onsen hot-spring in the open isolated Japanese North-East on the Sea Of Japan (definition ... if you don't understand it, you don't need to ...) in Winter. I will stay there for three days over the new year and now that I will not go to Korea, I might just as well have a little more colour in my vacation plans by adding the pacific island paradise that is Okinawa, although if the dollar keeps falling, as I anticipate it will, I might change that to Guam.