A 3G phone finally - a why it took me one and a half years to get it!

As a follow-up on my earlier rant on my frustration with UK mobile businesses and how they keep ripping me off - Bastards! - I can now happily report that I am the proud owner of a 3G mobile phone on a contract. The only snag is that this took me over a year of pain, high costs and wasted time and effort to acheive. Moreover, this is not even the best deal that is out there, but for finally being able to get anything at all, I decided not to waste any more time and just take it.

In other news: Bastards! (II - the return, or sth.)

Microsoft has decided to finally scrap its best (and practically free, due to the ubiquitous nature of Windows) piece of software: Outlook Express. In a badly-executed move of revenue-grabbing (admirable that MS gave some of its stash back to shareholders..., but!) they have, without warning!!!, suddenly stopped supporting free Hotmail accounts to be accessed from Outlook Express. Since gmail.com (Google mail) offers a well working, clutter-free 1GB mail-service and soon will introduce free POP-access with probably IMAP-access coming later, Hotmails grip over eMail should hopefully be broken and not allow MS to milk customers further by exploiting yet another monopoly.

Take this:
Efficient and effective browsing
(Don't forget to get the plug-ins!)
Gmail - also get the Google desktop search - It is fantastic!