tv? check! pc? check! aerial? check! reception? crap! xbox?!?

Okay, I got myself this spanking widescreen TV (a real heavy beast, over 40kgs!) and upon discovering that I didn't even have an aerial cable, I also got that from a local store (only to discover that it had the wrong heads). Also I got a fancy PC connectivity set just before finding out that a simple S-VHS to S-VHS cable would have sufficied. Well hindsight, right? Anyhow, being able to play games, shows and movies on the bigger screen, rather than on my lappy is already nice and the sound is great, too. No more problems during animations. This is sorely needed, too, since now that I got myself this super-deluxe gold-plated steel-reinforced and unbelievably techie-looking cable I was finally able to find out that our house antenna is crap. I mean I get all five channels, only that the reception on EVERY SINGLE one of them is bad. I found this out after having ordered a new freeview digital tv receiver over the internet. It has arrived today at the office and I will find out later if I can actually get a single channel with that bad a reception. Otherwise I will have to buy my own antenna, too. Also, I am now pretty sure that I got ripped off on eBay for the rather expensive Xbox that I won in the auction. Since the auction was over and I paid immediately, I havent gotten any kind of contact from the guy, not a reply to my emails and noone answers the phonenumber, which I extraced from ebay. Seems that I have to kiss goodbye to one trip home+expenses. Still, I am still very psyched about finally giving in to the darkside. PVP had a good comic on it. Enjoy: