So true... and an Economist theme for four issues running!

I did enjoy the following reader comment to last weeks article of Germanophobia in the Economist, which followed two earlier ones. Here the whole scoop.

Don't mention the war

SIR – Your article on Germanophobia in Britain reminds me of when I first moved to Britain from Munich (“War bores”, October 30th). I was perturbed to be authoritatively informed that my highly cultured home is, in fact, “full of Nazis”. The British insistence on clinging to outdated stereotypes of the Germans as Nazis (and to outdated notions of themselves as a great power) is a constant source of both amusement and frustration. And it does a great disservice to the civilised, tolerant and enviable state of life in modern Germany. Rather than telling the Germans not to forget their history—something that they have never sought to do—the Daily Mail and its readers might do better not to lose sight of the present.
Nathaniel Kent