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After already moonlighting my views on Bush's new appointments for State and Attorney General, having posted comments on Pat's Blog articles "Farewell Mr. Powell" and " Mr. Ashcroft, you should be a member of another government", now that POTUS's new playfriends have been appointed, I shall add my two-pence. BTW. Patrick, please do fix your blog - your archives don't seem to be working properly.

Not only will the US and the world have to come to terms with "that bitch" in charge of State, another Vulcan as the head of the NSC, an attorney-general who does not appear to believe in due process of the law, but also the last vestiges of "compassionate conservatism" in Agriculture, Energy and Education leaving the cabinet to make way for more yes-men.

True to form, the CIA also follows the trend from hell to worse that I have observed in other arms of government so far, as toothless-Tenet was replaced by the worst of both worlds, a tree-hugging neo-con.

You might remember this colourful ex-CIA operative from having breakfast on the morning of September 11 2001 with General Ahmed of the ISI (Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence, which was then heavily involved with the Taliban and even bin Laden's group directly) in a top-secret conference room on the fourth floor of the U.S. Capitol. This came after having met the Afghan ambassador in a meeting in Islamabad a month earlier.

All in all, don't hold your breath for the emperor to discover his new clothes...

"And now to something completely different"(tm), browsing the web, I accidentally found a short and incomplete overview of my time jobbing for Squaresoft
Square Auto-CV

They forgot about a number of games, but I think it is pretty cool to find info about myself on the web. ^.^