Great Vacation

... well actually I just hopped over to my hometown of Hamburg for two nights last weekend, but it was great (although bitterly cold, I should add)!

I left straight from work to go to Stansted and unusually so, there were no problems, waiting-lines and other such niceties that I have come to expect from the likes of Ryanair, to deter me. Once in Hamburg we had my favourite meal as a child close to mid-night ("Heaven and Earth"... something with liver... don't ask, just eat). On saturday we explored a bit of the town, had some good food, met my old friends and in the evening went to the Dom (amusement park/carnival) until half past twelve. On Sunday we had a good (and icy freezing cold) day relaxing in Hamburg and seeing a bit of Luebeck (and eating the rest, incl. a delicious Currywurst!), before going back to London.