I had a chat in a hot-tub with Bobby Fisher!!!

(I hate this when other people do it, but...:) OMG!
I just realised it, although I had the suspicion immediately when I left the pool of the Hotel where I stayed in while I was on my fantastic 3 1/2-day vacation on Iceland. But while bathing and chatting with Bobby and his friend, I didn't realise it at all!

Okay, from the start: last week I took a 4-day holiday to go to Iceland and I had a fantastic time there. Great food, Perlan, Northern Lights, Geysir, Gullfoss waterfall, the rift between the plates and of course the famous Blue Lagoon hotspring among much much else!

The two strangers from the tub...

On the last night, after a fantastic day of touring the country and more of the delicious Icelandic food, I went down to the pool with a girl in the Hotel to swim a bit and relax in the hot tub, where I saw Saemi and Bobby in the jacuzzi together with the girl. Saemi gave her a massage and chatted about Japan, of which he did not have a particularly good impression, while I was talking with Bobby about loads of things, but it quickly turned into how much better everything in other countries rather than the US was. I was surprised at how knowledgable the old bearded American was about the world, although a bit unsettled about the fact that he knew Tenko (morning roll-call) and later that he apparently had spent time in prision in Japan (though I thought he might just have been there as a soldier... little did I know...). The pool soon was closed but we continued our discussion into the showers and locker rooms where he increasingly insisted on how wrong the US was and how great North Korea and Iran for withstanding US pressure. Agreeing to disagree, I bade my farewell, as I wanted to have some more good Icelandic food before leaving the next morning at 5AM.

I still can't believe that I could only come to the obvious conclusion after I left and now I have the proof.