I just ha a fantastic long weekend! Not only was it long and I finally was able to move into my new place, but also I got around to see Star Wars Episode III! It was not quite the right place I had hoped it was, a large theare (check), great seats (check), perfect digital projection (fail), perfect sound (fail). At least I got two out of four, plus the right company. ^_^ Anyways, the movie was fantastic. What we have all been hoping for in Episode I an II finally comes true in III - a real STARWARS movie in all its glory and no fucking Jarjar-crap to ruin the show. You have massive space-battles, Jedi fights, intrigue and WOOKIES!!! It was also remarkably short. I felt that more than half of its content had been edited out, so for me, just scrap 1&2 completely and make III into the proper movies. I had already given up all hope for Master Lucas as I was sure he had been turney to the Disney-side, but finally he must have seen the light.

For the rest of the weekend I got to try out the leisure facilities in my new place. :D