Guys and Dolls

That is the musical I went to see together with Maki yesterday and boy was it good! Maki had braved getting up on her first Monday off work at 5AM in order to cue for the tickets and she got the very best seats in the theater. Front row, centre seats. It does not get any better than this. To demonstrate, the tip of my shoes, were about 10cm from the Maestros' arse (he did not give any occasion to ab-use this privilege) and the Hungarian fangirl next to me gave a letter to Ewan MacGregor on the final curtain. I also managed to catch the white flower bouquet from Jane Krakowski (of Ally MacBeal fame) from the final wedding scene and gave it to Maki to finalise a perfect evening.

These days we are keeping ourselves rather busy. Before the musical yesterday, we went to Madame Tussauds on Sunday and the Night Show at Tate Modern the day before and saw Weddings Crashers on Friday (her idea, some good laughs though...). I am planning to go take her to Alton Towers on Saturday and the design museum on Sunday. Recently we have been on a fantastic river cruise dinner she took me for my birthday to, Dublin, where I took her for hers, seen Lion King (balcony seats) and like a zillion movies.