Terry Fox Run Tokyo 2006

While not perfect, still a very good sunday we had last week.

We had an absolutely awesome weekend, with some fresh wind and gorgeous sunshine. Early autumn at its best! First thing in the morning I went to join the Tokyo Terry Fox Run (I just did the 5K - like the previous FIT - Finance in Tokyo charity run around the imperial palace in late spring) with Keiichi. Unfortuantely I lost one of my contacts before the start, so I had to go blind most of the way and after 2-3 kilometers I was feeling so dizzy (thanks to two vastly differing eye-sight strengths) that I had to walk the rest. At least that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. Lateron, I biked to my office to get something and finish some work-mails, when I learned that my 2nd hand just-purchased-and-already-repaired-three-times-costing-me-nearly-the-purchase-price bike I got a few weeks back has yet another problem, meaning that I would need to replace the bearings which itself costs a fourth of buying the whole bike anew in the shop next door and half of what I paid the guy I bought it from. :-( Apart from that, a beautiful day running, biking and enjoying a good read in the park. (Well needed too, for my rapidly expanding abdomen, since I have yet to visited the Gym I joined this month for the first time.)